Customized Temperature Controlled Storage

Portable Cold Storage Containers on Rent

Refrigerated cold storage solutions, popularly known as reefer shipping containers in India, are reliable storage solutions for businesses wanting to fulfill their long-term or short-term storage requirements of temperature-sensitive goods. At DCS, we offer quality, convenient, and affordable reefer containers on rent to best suit the unique requirements of businesses across industries dealing in temperature controlled items.

We design robust reefer containers using world-class materials and technology to meet the demands of perishable and temperature-sensitive goods during cold storage and cold chain warehousing. Our reefer containers come in different sizes and cater to temperature requirements between -70 degrees Celsius and +70 degrees Celsius, ensuring that your products remain safe even in extreme environmental conditions.

Features of our Refrigerated Shipping Container in India

  • 01

    Energy efficient since they consume low power and offer advanced temperature control.

  • 02

    They are a cost-effective storage solution because they meet all storage requirements while eliminating the need to build a storage unit from scratch.

  • 03

    Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and harsh environments, ensuring your products remain safe throughout storage and shipping.

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    Our reefer containers have remote maintenance and monitoring systems to ensure the security and safety of your products by decreasing downtime.

Used Reefer containers available at DCS for sale/rent are a cost-effective storage solution for businesses wanting to invest a limited amount in equipment. Even though used, these containers are in their best condition since we conduct thorough inspections to fix even the smallest issues.

A refurbished certified refrigerated container will serve your on-premise short-term and long-term storage requirements similar to a new container. So, if you wish to save yourself some money without compromising on the cold storage output, get in touch with us now!

Refrigerated Container Rental Across India