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Our Refrigerated Containers are designed to maintain safe set point temperatures within a wide range, from as low as -70 degrees Celsius to as high as +70 degrees Celsius. DCS provide these containers for On-site storage purpose only. For specific temperature requirements, please contact our expert team for personalized guidance.

Pre-cooling a Reefer Container can be beneficial, but it's essential to do it correctly. Pre-cooling is most effective when cargo is loaded at a loading bay from a warehouse with similar temperatures. However, it's worth noting that pre-cooling can have the opposite effect when cargo is loaded in higher ambient temperatures than the internal temperature of the Reefer Container. This is because humidity tends to migrate to the coldest area, which, in this case, is inside the Reefer when its doors are opened. High humidity levels can delay the desired temperature decrease when the cooling system is activated. Therefore, loading pre-cooled containers in high-temperature areas with set points lower than the ambient temperature can sometimes prevent Reefer containers from reaching the desired set points.

No, the cooling capacity of Reefer Containers is primarily determined by the specific characteristics of the products being stored. The type and freezing point of the cargo define the required temperature, not the size of the container.

No, Reefer Containers are typically used to maintain a consistent temperature rather than achieving rapid temperature changes. However, we do have customized solutions to pull down temperature at your desired timeframe. Please contact our expert team for personalized product solution.

No, Reefer Containers operate entirely on electricity and require an external power source to function. This power source can be on-site power or a generator, among other options.

You don't need to worry about maintenance or repairs, as Divine Cooling Solutions (DCS) has a highly skilled and certified team ready to handle all your service needs. We prioritize your Reefer Container's performance and maintenance.

Absolutely! DCS has a strong track record of delivering containers and providing top-notch customer service across India. Feel free to reach out to us at (+91) 97271 71531, and we'll be just a call away to meet your needs.