Portable Blast Freezers

Portable Blast Chiller on Rental

When it comes to rapidly freezing or chilling products, DCS India's Portable Blast Freezers and Rapid Chilling units are the perfect solution. These units are designed to provide quick and efficient cooling, saving you time and money. Our blast freezers are portable, making them ideal for temporary/permanent use at events or in emergency situations.

Whether you're in the meat processing, seafood, dairy, or pharmaceutical industry, our containers are built with advanced technology and feature a range of temperature options to ensure that your products are chilled to the desired temperature in desired timeframe.

  • 5 Key Features of our Blast Freezer Refrigerated Containers

  • Fast and efficient cooling
    Fast and efficient cooling

    DCS India's Portable Blast Freezers & Rapid Chilling units are designed to provide ultra-fast cooling, with temperatures as low as -70°C, allowing you to quickly freeze or chill your products.

  • Portable and versatile
    Portable and versatile

    These units are built to be portable, making them easy to move and set up at your desired location. They are suitable for a wide range of industries, including food processing, seafood, dairy, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring System
    Remote Maintenance Monitoring System

    We provide 24/7 support and maintenance services to ensure your blast freezer is always functioning properly.

  • Highly Energy efficient
    Highly Energy-efficient

    The units are built with an energy-efficient design, which helps to reduce operating costs, making them a cost-effective solution for your business.

  • Reliable and safe
    Reliable and safe

    Our Portable Blast Freezers & Rapid Chilling units come equipped with built-in alarms and sensors that ensure the safety and integrity of your products. Additionally, they are designed to provide reliable and consistent cooling and freezing performance, ensuring that your products remain fresh and safe.

With DCS India, you can be confident that your products will remain fresh and safe. We offer fast and efficient delivery of our containers to your desired location, and our 24/7 support and maintenance services ensure that your blast freezer is always functioning properly.

  • DCS Refrigerated Containers Temperatures Available:

    • Temperature
    • Temperature
    • Temperature
  • DCS Refrigerated Containers Sizes Available:

    • 10 Ft Refrigerated Container

      10 Ft Refrigerated Container

    • 20 Ft Refrigerated Container

      20 Ft Refrigerated Container

    • 40 Ft Refrigerated Container

      40 Ft Refrigerated Container

  • Rent or Buy
  • Short or Long Term
  • AMC or CMC
  • 40+ Years of Proven Track Record

10 More Reasons to Rely Upon DCS India

  • 01

    Durable and Securely Build

    Our cold stores have highly durable and securely build with insulated walls, roof, and floor, ensuring the safe storage of your products.

  • 02

    PLUG n PLAY Solution

    Our cold stores are easy to install and can be set up quickly at your location, with various size options available. They can be used for events, seasonal demands, or emergency situations.

  • 03

    Customizable Options

    We offer customizable options for specific temperature and size requirements, ensuring your cold store meets your unique needs.

  • 04

    Available for Purchase or Rental

    Our cold stores are available for both purchase and rental, giving you the flexibility to choose the best option for your business.

  • 05

    Reduced Risk of Product Spoilage and Waste

    Our cold stores help reduce the risk of product spoilage and waste, ensuring your products are kept in optimal condition.

  • 06

    Regulatory Compliance

    Our cold stores are compliant with all regulatory standards and requirements, ensuring you stay in compliance with all relevant regulations.

  • 07

    Climate Control System

    Our cold stores have a climate control system designed to maintain constant temperature and humidity, ensuring your products are stored in the ideal conditions.

  • 08

    Tailored Solutions for Every Industry

    From Food to Pharma, we offer customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each industry.

  • 09

    India's Largest Reefer Spare Parts Inventory

    Our in-house inventory covers a wide range of spare parts for all types of reefer machinery, including trucks and reefer containers.

  • 10

    24 X 7 Customer Support & Maintenance Services

    We offer 24/7 customer support and maintenance services, ensuring your cold store is always operating at peak efficiency.

Choose our refrigerated cold stores for a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective refrigeration solution.

Contact us today to learn more. Our team of experts can help you choose the right cold store size and configuration for your specific needs.

With our refrigerated cold stores, you can be confident that your products are always stored at the right temperature.